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Hello A very simple decision model that decides how to greet a customer based on gender, marital status, and current time Hello Statement Download
HelloWithDates A very simple decision model that decides how to greet a customer based on gender, marital status, and current time. Additionally, it demonstrate how to deal with dates Hello Statement Download
CreditCardApplication This decision model deals with a credit card application. It is described in this DMCommunity Challenge Application Status Download
PatientTherapy The decision model determine a patient therapy. It is described in this DMCommunity Challenge Patient Therapy Download
VacationDays This decision model calculates employee vacations days as described in this DMCommunity Challenge Vacation Days Download
UpSellProducts This decision model demonstrates how complex up-sell rules can be organized in simple decision tables that deal with arrays of products. See this DMCommunity Challenge Offered Products Download
1040EZ This decision model implements the tax return calculation logic descibed in the notorious US tax form 1040EZ - see the use case description Refund Download
TDM This decision model contains an implementation of The Decision Model primer described here Person Likelihood Of Defaulting On Loan Download
AggregatedValues Demonstrates how to executes rules that iterate through arrays of objects and aggregates some attributes, e.g. calculates a total salary of all empoyees in a department Total Salary Download
LoanDebtsEquities This is an example implements a loan approval scenario when a borrowers has a lot of associated debts and equities Loan Status Download
LoanPreQualification Loan pre-qualification decision model with income validation and debt research rules - see Description Loan Qualification Result Download
LoanBureauStrategy Loan origination exanple from the DMN Chapter 11 - Bureau Strategy decision model. See DMCommunity Challenge Bureau Strategy Download
OrderPromotion This decision model defines various promotions for sales orders and automatically decides if an order is eligible to a promotion. An example of promotion: reduce the total cost of the order by $3.50 if it contains at least 5 items 1108 and at least 4 items 2639. See DMCommunity Challenge Order Is Eligible To Promotion Download
PartyAdmissionPolicy This decision model grades a paty as SUPERVISED, INDEPENDENT or NOACCESS based on the numbers of attending minors and experinced adults Admission Grade Download
Werewolf Determine the Risk of Meeting a Werewolf - see Description Risk Of Meeting Werewolf Download
CUSTOM MODEL This is your decision model - see

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